Finance PhD Requirements

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    • Requirements vary from one school to another, though there are some broad similarities among schools. You must generally have a bachelor's degree in finance or a related field such as accounting. Some programs require a Master's of Business Administration. Your Graduate Management Admission Test must meet the school's minimum requirements.


    • An advanced finance degree is a research-intensive program, culminating in a dissertation. This is a thesis on a previously unexplored topic in the field of finance. Dissertations often run hundreds of pages and are reviewed by a board of professors. These professors will dissect your dissertation and return it to your for modifications before you hand the finished product in. You must complete a dissertation to receive your doctorate from most accredited schools.


    • Mathematics is the core of finance. You must be able to understand complex mathematics and perform the related operations to get your degree. Many of your courses will be mathematics intensive. Many schools require subject-specific tests in mathematics for admission. Some schools will allow you to learn math while in the program, but these schools require that you move up to speed with the rest of the class in a short period of time.

    Other Areas of Study

    • You will study other subjects, but these subjects will usually be related to finance. Among the other areas of business that your finance program may touch upon are marketing, accounting, economics, business management and organizations and markets. Many people studying finance at the doctoral level will choose a specific aspect of finance to concentrate on. You may concentrate on one of these areas or another subject of your own choosing.

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