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An internet marketing course sounds really interesting to me. I am very new to this information technology industry. I cannot comprehend its language for it seemed to have its own. However, I know from what I have heard and from what statistics have recorded, this industry has grown big and proliferated like mushrooms. Housewives have taken online jobs. Writers have put down their pens in exchange for content writing in the web. Professionals, both young and old, have taken one or two part-time or full-time jobs on the net. The business world has opted to look for capable manpower through the net worldwide rather than the traditional job posting and hiring. They termed it outsourcing. This in turn opened to global interconnectedness, the demand for services and provision. People from different parts of the planet connecting and transacting.
In Asian countries, the Philippines for instance, information technology industry records a demand of almost one million job openings until the year 2010. Unfortunately, the country has difficulty in coping up with the demand. Few universities and colleges offer courses pertinent to storage information which is very much necessary for such an industry.
This is not just a fad or a phase. It is reality. I can only hope these internet marketing courses can teach me the ropes to actually begin my journey in the IT world. Secondhand information told me that internet marketing courses can teach a neophyte like me to find my way through the maze of the virtual world. These include search engine optimization, website development, virtual assistants services, online advertising and more. And this is where the pot of gold is. Real people are earning real money in what seemed like an unreal world.
However, is it really possible for learning to take place through these internet marketing courses? I am accustomed to the traditional setting of going to a school and deal with people I identify as teachers, classmates and staff. What about these internet marketing courses? I suppose I will be dealing with a mentor who will be in a box all throughout. I can just imagine gadgets being used like videos or clippings as a media for instruction. Is knowledge possible?
I could only throw my questions in the air for I have not experienced taking up an internet marketing course. Yet, who knows, the next time I will be writing an entry, it will not be a mere reflection but what they call in the virtual world, a blog. I might even get paid for it. The first step though is to find the right site to give me the right internet marketing course.
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