Things To Consider When Purchasing a Treadmill

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There are a number of misconceptions in regards to purchasing the correct treadmill []. First of all, a lot of people think that what makes a treadmill more expensive is the number of programs the unit has. In actuality that has something to do with it but most of the expense is incurred in the construction of the frame. For example, if you take a 6lb medicine ball and drop it on a $500 treadmill vs. a $2500 treadmill you will feel way more vibration throughout your entire body. In other words, a person who weighs 200 plus pounds will not get the longevity he/she would like out of a cheaper treadmill since the frame will not hold up.

Now that you have an idea about the frame of a treadmill lets move on to specific needs that you would like to get out of the treadmill. If you are a taller individual you might want a treadmill that is longer then the standard 54" belt size. A person that is taller generally has a longer stride so the more belt space the more comfortable you will feel while running/walking. If you are a little shorter, maybe you care more about the width of a treadmill and would like something wider then 20". The widest belts are 22" which are extremely spacious and make it very comfortable. Another important feature is the motor size. Typically you hear about treadmills having peak motors vs. continuous. Continuous is what the motor consistently runs at while the peak hp is really only reached when the machine is turned on or when it is being strained i.e. changing speed/incline levels. Any treadmill that you might find in a specialty fitness store will have a continuous motor.

Once you have understood the construction and physical features of the treadmill. It is very important to let a fitness expert help you in the process of getting the one that would fit you best. Some programs help with weight loss while others focus on cardiovascular intensity. We all know how precious time is so make sure you are doing a program that benefits you, not what your best friend might be doing.

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