Cure Fingernail Fungus

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When seeking for a remedy of a persistent medical problem, especially that of the skin, hair, and nails, it is important to understand the cause and what the problem exactly is.
Fungus in the nails is made out of dermatophytes which are tiny organisms that grow and dwell on either or both human fingernails and toenails.
It is a very common problem of which 35 million people in the United States alone are facing.
It is difficult to cure fingernail fungus because once it reaches the interior of the nail, it is hard to apply treatment on, thus allowing the fungus to grow and reside in it.
This is why prevention plays an important factor in battling fungi.
If you are used to sharing nail files, nail clippers, and other manicure and pedicure paraphernalia with people who you don't know might have fingernail fungus, then you are most likely to have the same nail problem as fungi are easily spread from one person to another.
If you live in a moist environment, then you have a high chance of fungus living in your nails.
However, these micro-organisms will only settle and start growing if you aren't taking proper care of your nails.
You should be knowledgeable on the causes of each condition and disease you are suffering from.
You may have acquired the fungus by accidentally damaging a nail, not protecting your feet by not wearing shoes near pool sides, lakes, and other moist areas, and not letting your toenails breathe by constantly wearing nail polish.
Another cause of a nail fungus is a weak immune system.
You should also dry your feet after taking a bath and avoid keeping them moist as bacteria and fungi thrive on moist places.
These organisms can easily enter your vulnerable nails.
It is easy to determine whether you have the fungus or not.
Some of the most common symptoms of it are a change in the color of the nails, particularly if they have turned yellow and dark brown, if you notice some chipping in the nails and/or if they've become brittle, if your feet have lately been giving out a foul odor, and if you can actually lift the nail from its nail bed.
It can be very hard to cure fingernail fungus if you weren't able to address these symptoms.
This only means that the fungi are already living in your nails.
Zetaclear is a popular cure for fingernail fungus which contains lavender, tea tree, clove oils, and jojoba.
Sporanox and Lamisil were two of the prescribed medications to cure fingernail fungus but were later on declared by the FDA as threatening to the heart is used long term.
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