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For the most part these days, anyone who starts on the property ladder will more than likely buy a house thats less than 25 or 30 years old. Unlike many European countries which price their properties based on land mass, in the UK the emphasis tends to be on the amount of bedrooms a property has.

Because of this, the number of bedrooms is what developers squeeze into the amount of land they have and thats why the size of the bathroom has suffered. Its not uncommon to find this room in your home to be one of the smallest, which can make re-designing, or upgrading it particularly difficult. However, manufacturers have responded to this and this is where the exciting part comes in.

As long as you have enough space for a bath (which of course you will, no matter how small the bathroom is), you dont have to compromise on a shower and this is because its now possible to buy combination shower baths.

What to Expect

There are tons of designs available and theyre built to not only last, but suit any taste. Now, you may be thinking that youll have a standard bath installed and with that comes a shower attachment and maybe a shower door that sits on the lip of the bath. This couldnt be further from the truth.

A lot of thought has gone into the development of these handy, yet all important parts for your bathroom. Sadly, combining the two wasnt enough as it had to be something that would fit the shape of any bathroom, no matter how small whilst also combining both shower and bath elements.

For this reason, you can get L or P shaped shower baths. This means that the shower end will widen making it perfect to take a shower comfortably but without using too much space.

When it comes to your shower doors, again there are a myriad of choices and there is something to suit all tastes.

Advice on Installation and Price

Youll be surprised to learn that this part of your bathroom will not cost you thousands of pounds; in fact, there are many deals available if youre willing to take your time to find the right bargain. When it comes to the installation, unless you have a qualified builder/plumber amongst your family or friends, get the professionals to do it for you.

Lots of companies that sell these marvellous pieces of bathroom design will also give you a price for installation which should be taken seriously. The last thing you need is a leaking shower door, or worse, a bath that doesnt drain properly.

Prioritise rather than Compromise

If youre short on space in your bathroom, you dont have to compromise anymore. You can still have the best of both worlds without spending loads of money. If youre in the process of buying a home, bear this in mind when you say to yourself the bathroom was too small.
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