Cloning Advantages

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    Organ Failure

    • Due to advancements in stem cell research, organ tissues may be cloned and introduced to the body in order to repair and/or replace malfunctioning organs. Unlike with organ donation, these tissues will not be seen as foreign substances entering the body, and are therefore easier to implement.

    Disease/Disability Treatment

    • Defective genes may be altered or repaired to cure diseases such as Tay-Sach´s or Down´s syndrome. Tissues and nerves may be replicated to treat injuries to the spinal cord, or to restore bone marrow in leukemia victims.


    • Cloning skin cells can replace damaged skin from burns or other traumas. Cloning scientist Dr. Richard Seed suggests that we may even be able to reverse the aging process through cloning technology. Implants as well as cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries would be made less dangerous by using replicate rather than foreign tissues.


    • Through cloning, infertile mothers or sterile fathers would be able to have children with a much higher success rate than that of 2009 technologies.


    • Learning how to switch cells off and on through cloning technology may, ultimately, be able to cure cancer.

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