How to Get Instant Grass Via Installing Sod

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Lawns can require a awful lot of work, starting with growing the grass in the first place.
Rains can wash the seeds away, birds like to eat them, and lots of watering may be required.
There are steps you can take like covering the seed with hay to discourage birds and using sprinklers with timers, but it's still a lot of work and takes a long time.
There is an easier way and that is installing sod.
Sod is basically instant grass.
It's been already grown on sod farms, which cut and sell long strips of grass with roots and some dirt combined.
You simply roll it out like carpet, and viola, instant grass.
Of course there are a few things you can do to make it more likely that the sod will take root and you'll have a healthy lawn quickly and for a long time.
Although sod is much more expensive than grass seed, it's widely available and it's affordability may surprise you.
The first is to loosen the soil so the sod can take root more quickly.
A rake works well.
This is not a lot of work.
Also put down some fertilizer on the bare soil and work it into the dirt with your rake slightly.
Moisten the soil lightly with a hose before installing sod.
A heavy watering is neither necessary nor recommended.
Then lay down your sod.
You want the edges up against each other with no overlap.
Cut it as necessary to make it fit.
There is a device known as a 'sod' knife which may be helpful although I've never used one myself.
Next, you want to water, and water it well and daily for the next week.
I usually water a lot for a week and a half as I'm cautious, unless of course it's raining a lot which is common in the spring, prime sod laying time.
Watering is important, especially if it's very hot, to help the sod take root.
Don't stress out through if you happen to miss a day as it's not that critical.
I don't mow it for at least a couple of weeks, Most people will tell you that you can mow when it's about an inch tall, and that's fine too.
It's not exactly instant lawn as some work is involved, but it's quick and much faster and easier than growing grass from seed.
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