Tips on Buying Rugs

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The making of rugs is a tradition that dates back to around 3000 years.
Getting an authentic hand crafted one can be quite a task.
But for the ones who finally do manage to get one, it can be quite an achievement.
When you set out to buy a rug or carpet, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.
As with anything handmade, there are bound to be a few irregularities and that is actually the hallmark of a good handmade rug.
Spread it out on the floor of the showroom and ensure that it is lying absolutely flat and that the shape is as close to regular as it can get.
Check the finish of the rug and ensure that it is not haphazard in any way.
When you are looking to buy a quality rug, the main thing you need to do is find a dealer who is authentic and has the genuine stuff.
One good trait of a genuine seller is person who is able to impart knowledge on the rugs that he has in his showroom.
These are also people who will be rather concerned about child labor and will ensure that they have nothing of the sort in their showroom.
In these cases, it is best to go with your gut instinct.
If you are pretty sure that you are not comfortable with the dealer, then do not go ahead with them.
When you are examining rugs look for sophistication in the design as well as in the manner they have been designed.
If they do not have a sheen or polish, then they are probably not of good quality.
Look at the weave of the rug and make sure that it is even and professionally done.
Inexperience shows.
Considering the kind of knots you want is also another aspect of choosing the right rug to buy.
There are some that have knots of around 30 per inch.
In some there are as many as 290 knots in an inch, making the work extremely fine.
With fine knots, curves that are there in the design will be done more aesthetically.
Again you will also want to look into whether you want modern designs or those that are ancient such as Persian designs.
Choosing the right kind of rug has a lot to do with aesthetics and personal choice.
Match them with your interiors and you are bound to make a good choice.
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