Want To Know About Cantera Stone?

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It holds uniqueness in its properties as well like color, texture, durability and a keen soft nature which allows it to be given any form of shape or structure. But it should not be underestimated because of its softness or malleability. It is soft yet durable; giving itself a unique identity. Cantera is porous as well as lightweight- a prime reason for its popularity. Its color differs depending upon the impurities present in a particular region. Unlike other stones, all these characters give Cantera its unique richness and character that can only be provided by Mother Nature. Cantera is often compared to sandstone in texture and porosity but paradoxically thrown in with marble and granite when the comparison shifts to appearance and classical looks.

It is a very old-aged rock, being used for construction of churches and monasteries from the early 16th century. Now-a-days, it is used across the globe quite widely. Its presence can be felt in shopping complexes, office buildings, hotels etc. It has proved it"s durability by standing proudly for several centuries in various building throughout Latin America. Not only in America but around the whole world as well, Cantera monuments have succeeded to prove quality of Cantera. Another remarkable feature of the said stone is that it can absorb moisture without expanding. For this reason, it can perfectly hold its presence in many outdoors and wet spaces. Architects prefer this stone for all these advantages that it provides and its natural beauty. It is such a versatile and strong stone that the stone carvers can customize art from it. The stone can be used in making columns, fountains, tiles fireplaces, entryways, and moldings, window trim, vent hoods, etc. Like other stones, Cantera stone adds the touch of luxury to any indoor or outdoor architectural design. For its easy natural to be artfully crafted, it holds endless dcor and building options.

You want to add this innovative rock at your place in some way or the other? You can get it in the form of tiles (most easily available as well as used) with a range of different color options. It perfectly suited for use in your places anywhere you want. Its price range varies with the different shades of color, different pattern, size, finish, etc. It can be customized, if you wish. Different styles, shapes, etc can be made to fulfill your wish. You can easily match the color of the surroundings with that of the Cantera (as it comes with a wide range of colors) and choose accordingly. So, if you are looking for a beautiful, natural stone product to enhance the interior beauty of your place, Cantera stone may be the one to fit your bill.
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