Useful Tips For Making "To Do" Lists

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Making a "to do" list is a very helpful tool in getting organized.
Remembering all tasks for one day or one week can be difficult and a waste of energy, while putting down your future activities on a list can lessen the demand on your mind.
Here are some tips to making a list that will actually be useful.
First you should rank the items that are listed.
They have different degrees of importance and urgency and this should be made visible at a quick glance.
Organizing your day or week involves making decisions.
If you are the kind whom it takes long to make a decision, remember that it is better to act in certain situations than to postpone an action for days or weeks.
You may have to take some not so good decisions, but you will feel better than taking none.
This doesn't go for critical issues though.
In making a decision you can break the process into 5 steps: first you must define the problem well, then think of all options out of which you can choose, make an evaluation of these options, choose one of them and finally act upon it.
At different moments during the day, match the tasks on your list with your currently available time, energy, tools, where you are and what else you are doing.
For example, if you are making phone calls, check the list to see if there is anybody else mentioned there whom you should call.
If you have some free time before a meeting, see if there is anything from that list that could be done then.
You should also select the 2 or 3 items in your list that must absolutely be done no later than today before starting your work.
There will always be things that are more urgent than others and things whose results are more important than others', while some will eat much of your time without giving you much satisfaction.
Your day may be full, but after checking up your list you may see that certain tasks can be delegated, simplified or even taken out of the list.
If you get along well with technology, you might like to try out a list-making software.
Put down "to do list software" in the Google search bar and you will find useful software, including free ones.
In order to make a choice of what to download, check the users' comments.
Put the date on each list and mark the items that were actually done.
Don't throw away the list, you may want to know in a few months time when you did your annual medical control or when you ordered a certain product and the list will tell you.
You can keep a daybook in which to put down what you actually did in a day.
The most important part of handling a "to do" list is to actually check it, so remember to do that during the day.
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