Entry-Level Salaries for the Advertising Industry

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Almost every type of business relies on some form of advertising to attract new customers and drive sales. Advertising professionals can help businesses to succeed in this way by either working in the marketing departments of those businesses or by working at specialized advertising and marketing firms. As in other fields, entry-level professionals in this field should expect a lower pay grade than established professionals.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a U.S. federal government institution that tracks labor and salary information. As of 2010, the Bureau reports that general and operations managers for companies that specialize in advertising and public relations earn an average of $65.33 per hour. However, such managerial positions are not widely available for entry-level applicants, who usually must prove their competency in the lower echelons of the organization. For this reason, if you are a current job seeker, you cannot hope to gain such a position for the first time unless you have extensive related experience.

Advertising firms must sell their services to companies just as those companies must sell their products and services to the general public. For this reason, advertising firms employ their own specialized sales professionals. Such professionals directly contact companies and show them the services that advertising firms provide. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, as of 2010, advertising sales professionals make an average of $55,020 per year, with 80 percent earning between $22,780 and $96,040. While entry-level professionals in this sector of the field do tend to earn less than more seasoned professionals, since earnings are heavily performance-based, they can conceivably earn high levels of income.

Graphic Designers
Advertising incorporates a high level of graphic design, as advertisements that appear in print and on billboards must undergo meticulous design to be sufficiently appealing, attractive and memorable. For this reason, advertising firms frequently employ graphic designers to aid in the production of billboards, signs, decals and logos. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average income for such graphic designers is $20.93 per hour. However, entry-level hires may often make less than that.

Public Promoters
Advertising can also incorporate in-person public promotion and demonstration. The employees that engage in such tasks are often entry-level and lower-echelon workers, and this is evident in their pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, such public promoters and demonstrators make an average of $9.69 per hour. With an estimated 2,000 hours of work in a year, that amounts to $19,380.
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