Can I Build Muscles Up and Drink Alcohol?

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Many bodybuilders especially amateur weight lifters and bodybuilders enjoy the odd alcohol beverage now and then whether it be a glass of wine, beer or spirits.
Here we ask just what affect this has on our body and is it OK to drink if we want to build up muscles.
Unfortunately alcohol interferes with many chemical reactions in the body that are productive in order to build muscle up.
The effects of alcohol are felt by the body for at least a couple of days as it is processed very gradually and can affect performance negatively for up to 48 hours after you drank your last glass.
Just two normal drinks of alcohol can reduce reaction time, lower strength levels, interfere with balance and hand eye co-ordination and increase fatigue.
As a bodybuilder or indeed anyone seeking a decent athletic performance all of these will limit your ability to build muscle up.
The liver will metabolise alcohol at the expense of glycogen (carbohydrate) which is the fuel for the body therefore this is why fatigue is caused.
It is this that causes increased fatigue.
The muscle growth of the body will inevitably suffer when the cellular functions of the body cannot operate efficiently.
Alcohol causes dehydration as it interferes with the electrolytes and fluid inside the kidneys.
The kidneys are responsible for regulation of supplying cells with nutrients for growth and repair and also for cellular waste removal.
Attempts to exercise vigorously and to your peak will likely be ruined because in order to process alcohol effectively, water must be drawn from other areas of the body this has a dehydrating effect which thus harms any athletic performance.
Tachycardia an abnormally fast heartbeat may be caused by alcohol consumption which also causes high blood pressure in some people.
Furthermore alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep which is when the body should be growing.
It also depletes the amount of vitamins and minerals that the body can absorb, which in turn have important roles in enzymatic and metabolic functions for muscle growth.
The effect on the bodies thought processes can also be great.
The result of not enough glycogen making it to the brain is often slow disoriented though patterns and processes.
Unfortunately alcohol may cause a reduction in your motivation and drive which of course is essential for success in any field! So bearing all this in mind, clearly if you are seriously want to build up muscle then you are going to have to lay of the alcohol.
The body is adversely affected by even the recommended daily amount! Indeed there are many more effects that alcohol has on the body but they are beyond the scope of this article.
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