When Traveling Let Friends And Family Know Of Your Whereabouts

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Traveling safely requires that you to keep a little anonymity.
Traveling safely also requires that you make sure someone knows your whereabouts.
Additionally, traveling safely requires you to keep your financial information safe.
To maintain your anonymity, review anything in your home that may show signs that you are away.
If you have the newspaper delivered every morning, call to have your delivery stopped while you are away.
Also, certain post office boxes may show you are away from home.
Ask the post office to hold your mail for a specified amount of time.
If you have the means, set your lighting to change automatically using the same pattern that you normally use whenever you are home.
One easy way to do this is to get a few timed electric plugs and plug your lamps into them.
Set them up to come on at certain times.
A family member or a close friend should be given information about your travel plans.
Give them your contact information, including the hotel where you will be staying and phone numbers they can use to reach you in case of any emergency at home.
Find a family member or close friend who would be willing to stop by your home and check it out occasionally while you are away.
Have them make sure the newspapers have stopped and that your lights are functioning okay.
To protect your financial means while you are away, keep a list of phone numbers you would need to call if anything you have with you -- money, credit cards, debit cards or checks -- gets lost or stolen.
However, keep this list in a location different from any of your credit cards, checks or money.
If you are comfortable with a close family member or friend overseeing some important financial information, you can write down any account numbers or check numbers on a sheet of paper and seal it in an envelope for them to hold onto if you ever call needing the information.
The anonymity you need to have is for the people you don't know.
The people you know well should know your whereabouts at all times.
Giving those you know well a little responsibility while you are gone may engage them in wanting to know all about your trip when you return.
Don't forget to reward those that help watch over things with a memento too.
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