A Beginner"s Guide to Farmville

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Farmville is an online game based around a simple concept which has been successful in many other areas: you design and build your own farm.
If you are just discovering Farmville, you will probably figure out pretty quickly why this game has become so popular.
The game offers almost limitless options in several different areas: what buildings and accessories you build on your farm, which types of livestock you will raise, what kinds of trees you will grow, and what kinds of seed crops you will plant.
You must purchase all of these things at the Market, and until you reach the necessary level, most of them will be locked so that you cannot access them.
To begin, you have a small amount of money (coins) with which to purchase seed for growing crops.
As you progress, you receive more coins and can purchase more of the things you want for your farm.
Here are some suggestions about how to make money on your farm, building sustainable income quickly: (1) Build your farm a step at a time.
In the long run, you want to have as much land as you can clear and plant.
A large farm can mean a large harvest and lots of money.
But you need to start cautiously and clear only as much land as you can afford to clear and still have enough money to purchase the seeds for the crops you want to grow.
Take it a step at a time--some land, some seed, harvest the crop.
After harvesting, plant the same plots again, then figure out how much additional land and seed you can acquire.
Using this approach, you can quickly expand your farm while making sure you have enough money to purchase seed for any additional plots you clear.
(2) Be familiar with the crops you choose to grow.
Different crops take different lengths of time to reach maturity.
Only when a crop matures can you harvest it.
At the beginning of the game, you have the choice of eggplants, strawberries, soybeans, and wheat.
Since they mature at different times, which you choose will depend to a certain extent on how often you will be logging in.
Those plants which mature quickly will require frequent observation to avoid having them wither or rot before you can harvest them.
(3) Time your harvests.
Getting the feel for timing your harvests can be difficult for the beginner.
You will need to plan your plantings so that you can keep up with the length of time it takes for that crop to mature.
When it matures, you must harvest it or lose it.
So you need to know how long each crop takes to mature.
For example, strawberries are ready to harvest four hours after planting, while wheat and soybeans take longer.
If you wait too long to check on a crop, it may be lost.
Then you have to plow the land again and re-plant.
When that happens, you have lost money! Careful timing will keep such losses to a minimum.
One of the attractions about this game is that you can take it casually or seriously.
You may not want to log in very often, perhaps only once a week.
If that is your level of interest, you will need to plant crops that take a long time to mature.
However, many people who start out as casual players soon become fascinated with this game and play it often.
Hundreds of people are loading up their crops, scheduling their harvests, and having an absolute blast every second they spend playing Farmville.
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