How to Get Tartar off of a Chihuahua's Teeth

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    Cleaning Your Chihuahua's Teeth with Basic Utensils

    • 1). Help your Chihuahua feel comfortable with having things in its mouth. Slowly begin to brush your dog's gums with your fingers until it gets used to it without becoming anxious. You can apply some liver paste on your fingers to help facilitate the process.

    • 2). Repeat this procedure a couple of times until your dog feels safe.

    • 3). Dip the finger brush in something tasty and introduce it to your dog. Gently open its mouth and then use the finger brush to brush its teeth.

    • 4). Use the tooth scaler to scrape and polish his teeth. This will quickly remove tartar. Your Chihuahua should be familiar with having cleaning tools in its mouth by now.

    Cleaning Your Chihuahua´s Teeth with Toys and Treats

    • 1). Reward your dog with a flavored treat designed to remove tartar from dogs' teeth. By chewing, your dog will unconsciously clean his own teeth while having fun.

    • 2). Give your dog a chew rope. These take ages to tear apart and act as a dental floss for dogs.

    • 3). Keep your Chihuahua on a dry food diet. Canned food can easily get stuck on its teeth and thus cause tartar or plaque.

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