Content Insurance For Landlords

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Content insurance for landlords is a vital piece of the property investors overall strategy.
It is often overlooked by landlords and not taken out simply in error.
Usually if a landlord is renting a property out that is unfurnished the owner may assume that there is no need to take out insurance on the contents.
The logic behind this is that all of the contents will belong to the tenant and as a result he or she should be responsible for insuring their belongings.
On the whole part the above is true however buy to let landlords often forget that despite letting unfurnished, they will still own many of the fixtures and fittings which for insurance purposes are classified usually as contents.
Examples of contents that may belong to the landlords are: washing machine, refrigerator, oven, stove, curtains, window blinds, carpets, wooden laminate flooring etc.
Quite often items such as the above will not be covered by your buildings insurance.
In such circumstances it is essential to take out contents insurance designed specifically for landlords.
Taking out regular residential contents insurance will not suffice.
It is common in most regular policies to have a clause stating that the cover is not applicable should the property in question be let out or rented.
If you do rent out your property and need to make a subsequent claim for damage if you do not have specific buy to let insurance the insurance company will most likely throw you claim out meaning you will not receive a dime for any losses that you may have incurred.
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