Make The Unforgettable Proposal With An Ashoka Cut Diamond

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You have heard it thousands of time before and many will still remember Marilyn Monroe singing "diamonds are a girl's best friend!" So to all the gentlemen out there, what better way to seal your girlfriend's heart to you than to make an unforgettable proposal with an Ashoka cut diamond ring? You can never go wrong with this!

Diamonds will definitely pave a one-way street into any woman's heart. In general, a diamond ring is a master of all rings. Since medieval times, diamonds had represented undying love and full commitment to a fancied woman as diamonds symbolize strength and durability since they were once deemed as the hardest material on earth. Diamonds have remained one of the most precious gemstones till today and most women would love to have a diamond ring for their engagement or wedding. Nothing can be more precious than when you express your love and propose to her with the Ashoka cut diamond ring.

All diamonds come in many different shapes, cuts and quality. The quality and value, including the Ashoka diamond cut, are measured by four yardsticks known as the 4C's which is cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Cut " The cut measures the finish, proportion and polish of the diamond. It determines the fire and brilliance of the diamond.

Clarity " Clarity measures the clearness or purity of the diamond. The respective diamonds are then graded with "F" representing a flawless diamond to "I" which indicates that the diamond has inclusions.

Color " The amount of color contained in the diamonds from white to yellow determines a certain grade. No doubt near colorless diamonds are preferred, but some that are graded can still offer the best value and beauty.

Carat " The carat is the weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 20 grams. This means the more carats, the bigger the diamond. However, the final price is not necessarily determined by the weight and size alone.

When you are choosing your engagement or wedding ring, it is also important to look at the band and the setting aside from the stone. The band is normally made of solid metals like silver, white gold, gold or platinum. The traditional bands are normally a diamond solitaire on solid metal but of course these days, modern elaborate designs come with other gemstones embedded around the diamond solitaire. It is good to remember that the more elaborate your choice, the higher the price of your diamond ring.

However if you want to get something that will stand out from the norm, the Ashoka cut diamond ring will be perfect. You might be a little curious about its difference to the other diamond rings. There are several factors that make these diamonds unique and first to begin with are their size.

The Ashoka cut diamonds are rectangular in shape and have a modified cushion cut with rounded corners. It has 62 facets to help it appear 30% larger than its actual size. This diamond ring can be very expensive due to the diamond's limited production and patented cut but nothing is really beyond reach for the girl of your dreams.

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