Follow This Plan I Used to Melt Away Stomach Fat, Chisel My Abs, and Get a Smoking Hot Body

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Would you like to follow a simple flat that you can use to melt fat away? After a lot of years of trial and experimentation I finally came up with a plan that anyone can use to get in shape.
 I developed this plan after I became lazy in the winter.
 I wouldn't exercise and I wouldn't eat very healthy.
 I started gaining a lot of weight.
I knew that I needed a plan to help get me in shape by Summer.
 This is why it's important that you start this plan today so you can get the results you want in time to show off your body in a few months.
Step #1- The first step you need to set a few goals to guarantee your success.
 I like goal setting because it paints a clear picture as to what you want and how you can get it.
 Most people think they know what they want but they never see the results because they don't write it down.
 It's important to be very detail oriented when writing down goals.
 Every goal I write down also has a deadline.
 A deadline is important because it creates the urgency you need.
Step #2- I am sure you know by now that eating healthy is crucial to your success.
 It can be hard to start eating healthy after developing bad eating habits.
 I know because every Winter I seem to develop lazy eating habits.
 However, I follow the same plan every year and I get great results.
 I start by replacing an unhealthy meal with a healthy meal each day.
 Then the next week I replace another unhealthy meal with a healthy meal.
 After doing this just a few weeks you're all of the sudden eating healthy on all of your meals.
Step #3- The next step that is almost as important as eating healthy is getting a good workout in.
 After slacking most of the winter I don't feel like going to a gym and working out for an hour and half.
 So I decide to play basketball instead.
 Playing basketball for 30 minutes burns the same amount of calories as running on a treadmill.
 The best part is that I am doing something I love while losing weight.
 After I build up my endurance then I move to more rigorous home or gym workouts.
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