HEPA Filter Installation

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    Air Purifier HEPA Filter

    • 1). Unplug your air purifier device from the wall socket. Turn the air purifier speed-control knob to the "Off" position. Gently push your fingers into the front release tabs on the front of console unit. Pull the front grille off the case. If the device has a rear access panel, pull the snaps free and tilt the panel back or remove it. Use a screwdriver to remove the panel screws on older models.

    • 2). Locate the top tray that holds the odor filter and pre-filter underneath it. Lift the odor filter out and shake it to remove any loose particle. Pull the tab on the top tray. Brush the pre-filter clean with a soft bristle brush. Pull out the tabs on the lower tray. Lift the HEPA out of the tray. Brush the tray clean of lint and debris.

    • 3). Place the new HEPA filter in the tray, positioning it according to the flow arrows. Shove the HEPA filter tray back into slot until it snaps in place. Place the odor filter back onto its tray and push the tray back into the unit until it snaps in the guide grooves. Plug in the unit and turn the speed-control knob to the "On" position. Let it clear of any loose dust particles.

    Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter

    • 1). Turn the vacuum cleaner on-off switch to the "Off" position. Unplug the vacuum power cord from the wall socket. Take the vacuum outdoors to guard against the release of airborne particles. Locate the front panel access door on the front of the vacuum cleaner housing.

    • 2). Squeeze the panel door tabs inward and swing the door open. If the unit contains a pre-filter, brush it clean with a soft bristle brush. Grasp the ends of the HEPA filter cartridge, below the pre-filter, and pull it out. Brush and wipe the inside of the filter case with a slightly damp rag.

    • 3). Place the new HEPA filter cartridge inside the groove slots and push it in to the case until it seats. Make sure the rubber seal faces the back of the unit. Push the panel door closed until it snaps into the locking position. Plug in the power cord and turn the vacuum cleaner on. Let it run until all stray dust disappears.

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