Professional Writers Look Out; Someone is On the War Path

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Professional Writers are generally not liking the new online article submission site venues these days, but rather than working with them, a few professional (I use that term loosely) writers have aggressively attacked the new trend in online article author exploits.
But I must ask as a wee little amateur with little man syndrome coming from outside such an intimidating writer's industry; If professional writers are so good, then they need not worry about a bunch of amateurs who write articles on online submission websites.
Indeed it makes sense for the professional writers who feel threatened (and believe me they should right about now) to improve their work and set the bar higher, additionally get back with reality of the market place and short attention span of the modern readers.
Think on that aspect too.
You see, if professional writers really want to make it in life, well then they need to learn to adapt to this new online article submission site venue and use it to their advantage by writing short articles that lead readers to their work or website or to Amazon.
com where their books are for sale you see.
They should do this rather than attacking the humble and nice online article amateur authors like me? Why, well because someday I and many other amateurs will no longer be amateurs and well, we will probably kick your ass in the market place that's why.
Consider this in 2006; I already have and now have a strategy in place if I get anymore loud mouth professional writers out there talking smack! Get it? How do you like me now?
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