7 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Serious

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Wile in the pursuit of finding your match made in Heaven, here are a few things to consider asking them before getting super serious.
These items are very important to know before getting serious with someone.
These are also questions that you have the right to know.
But I am speaking about when your relationship has progressed and you are getting more towards the proposal stage of a relationship.
Question #1 - How Are Your Finances? This is an important question.
You need to know what their financial situation looks like.
How would you like to get married, and find out they have debt? Also you should ask how much money do you have saved? This is to find out if they can save money.
Are they good with money? or do they spend and get into debt? This helps a lot when looking for a spouse, and combing bank accounts, and finances.
Another Question that goes along with this one is: How Many Shoes Do You Own? You are not really looking for what they ware on their feet, but can they live on a budget? Especially in an economy like this, you need to know if they can budget their money wisely.
Question #2 - How do you feel about children? This is an important question to know.
What if you want children and they don't? Finding out what they are thinking will greatly help you on your way to finding out if you really want to spend the rest of your life with this person.
Question #3 - Would You Go Where I Go? If your job, or something else takes you away to another city, state, or country, would your loved one be willing to pack up and move with you? I know many people that can never imagine leaving the state they live in, and a few that never want to leave the city they live in.
*These Next questions might be tough, but you need to know the answers.
Saying that here goes.
* Question #4 - Do You Have A Criminal Record?, And Have You Ever Spent A Night In Jail? All things you should have the rite to know about the other person.
Question #5 - What is your Experience With pornography? This question is mostly for the Women to ask the Men, but it can apply to both genders.
If they do have a pornography problem, ask: What Kind Of Pornography Is It? Heterosexual? Homosexual? or Child? Pornography is a big issue and is plaguing our society with problems.
Relationships can be lost, family's can be destroyed because of it, so you should know what they look at.
Question #6 - Are There Any Unresolved Sexual Issues? Do you have any STD's? In my opinion this is a big one, this includes there health, as well as yours.
You may not need to know specifics about their past, but if they have something they are working on that you need to know, then it's better to know before you get married.
Question #7 - Have you Ever Struggled With An Eating Disorder? Along the same lines you should also ask questions like: Have You Ever Had Depression? Or Have You Ever Had Counseling For Depression? All important things to know in order to help you make that big decision.
Remember, these are all important questions you need to know before getting serious, and defiantly good to know before you get married.
If by chance they do have a problem with one of these things, use your good judgment.
This doesn't mean you have to break up with them, but there may be some surprising things you will learn.
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