How to Do Finger Waves in Long Hair All the Way Down

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    • 1). Comb a handful of clear hair gel through your hair after a shower. Comb it all the way through your hair, parting your hair evenly down the middle.

    • 2). Separate a section of hair at the front, on one side. Make the segment of hair about an inch wide. Slip your finger beneath the segment of hair close to your scalp. Bend the hair around your finger once to create a sort of loop with this section of hair. Pin it in place with a bobby pin.

    • 3). Repeat Step 2 for every inch of hair down the same strand.

    • 4). Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with your whole head of hair, using 1-inch-wide sections. Depending on how long and thick your hair is, the number of bobby pins you use will vary immensely. Keep at least 100 on you for this task to make sure you have enough.

    • 5). Let your hair dry naturally, or blow dry it if you're in a hurry. Your hair should be bone dry, not damp. It will feel stiffened from the hair gel.

    • 6). Remove each individual bobby pin from your hair. This leaves your hair in several rows of finger waves, or curls.

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