More ALBA Nonsense From the Ghost of Simon "Says" Bolivar

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The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) is not a well known group, and some say it is little more than name only, still this group has become more notable thanks to President Obama giving them credibility.
Hugo Chavez bribed and dragged other Latin American Nations into the group by promising them stuff, then used the group to make huge demands and chastise the US.
The ALBA member nations have taken quotes out of context from the works of Simon Boliva, who has been dead for forever and a day.
This gentleman lived from 1783 to 1830 and worked to liberate the people of Latin America from the Spaniards.
However, to use his name today as a rallying point against the United States is rather upsetting, as the US wants all nations to be free and under self rule.
Unlike Hugo Chavez who wants to become dictator of Venezuela with life time rule and is funding FARC and encouraging Narco Terrorists, or Cuba's Castro that has kept control and kept people in poverty for 50 years.
Although currently ALBA is not considered a terrorist organization, their talk is a rallying point and liable to cause these countries to nationalize more foreign funded companies and industries there.
This will have a chilling effect to foreign development and money flows which will most likely cause long-term recession like economies, poverty, and hardship for the people.
These are the same people that ALBA is claiming to want to help? Help how, help them into poverty and starvation, help them out of their hard earned assets? Help them into socialist or communist rule under a "one-Latin America" dictator? How does that help anyone? ALBA is bad news, and Obama has made a huge mistake by allowing this group to use his popularity, that was a disgusting display of diplomacy in my opinion.
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