Cinema Tycoon 2 Cheats & Hints

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    • Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania, like its predecessor, is a PC game that puts you in charge of reviving an ailing movie theater chain. Taking over for Mr. Pickwick, its your job to manage the budget and make decisions, ranging from small choices like what snacks to carry, to big things like which movies your chain will play, all in the interest of attracting more customers. It's a unique premise, and for the gamer who wants to crush his theater competition, there are several tricks to employ while playing.

    Restarting a Level

    • If you don't like the direction of your game, or have made a mistake and want to restart a level, do so by simply going bankrupt. Sell all of your assets and their upgrades. Go to the "Loan" screen and set your payments to an amount higher than you can afford. The level will start fresh after you've gone bankrupt in this way.

    Buying Tips

    • Focus the majority of your money, at the start of every level, into buying the best movies for your customers. Always keep money aside to select all the movies in the "Hot" category. Don't change these selections until their revenues begin to dip; there's no need to shuffle things until the customers begin to dwindle. Borrow at the absolute max from both the bank and loan shark options, since doing so will give you a leg up in purchasing the best movies. By doing all the things listed in this guide, you'll be more than able to make the resulting payments.


    • Shift your focus to upgrading your existing assets, as you progress into each level, to further enhance your theater chain's draw. Start with upgrading candy, then move onto upgrading parking, then the sound systems. Adding more seats should typically be a last step, as you'll find you'll only rarely be over capacity.

    Cheat Codes

    • Obtain a quick $500,000 when you need it in game by holding the "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys and typing "ct2." For the same effect, hold "Ctrl" and "R" and type "ct2". This will give you an instant influx of $500,000 and that extra shot in the arm to crush your movie business competitors.

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