Body Building Workout For An Improved Upper Body

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The perfect body wont come without the perfect body building workout, and targeting your upper body is crucial to good symmetry. First youll need to know your upper limits on the exercises. This will allow you to blast past them as you push yourself onward.

When you are focusing on your upper body gains, you need to focus at the core on these key muscle groups: shoulders, chest, back and arms. Of course, you have a wide array of choices for working each out, so you should switch it up from time to time.

An important rule you need to follow is to never work out the same muscles two days in a row. You can split up the workout by targeting your chest and back on day one, then biceps and triceps along with your shoulders the next. To target the pecs, you can try the flat bench press, incline and decline bench, dumbbell flyes in all three varieties of bench press, and tons more on the cable machine.

Just as important as not working out the same muscles twice in a row is to make sure, when performing your body building workout on your back, to keep proper form. Be strict about that to avoid injury. Some back exercises include the lat pull-downs, dead lifts, bent over rowing and hyperextensions.

The following day, you can tackle your shoulders and arm muscles. For the shoulder muscles theres shoulder shrugs, seated military dumbbell (or barbell) press, alternating front dumbbell raises and the standing or seated side lat raises.

Your biceps can be targeted with various forms of curling. The standing curl, with dumbbell or barbell, is a classic move. So is the preacher curl, alternating dumbbell curl, and the concentration curl like Arnold Schwarzenegger used to love.

Finally, hit your triceps. Theyre the big dogs on the back of your arm, or should be. To focus on them, try out the standing cable press-down (the lat machine), old fashioned dips, the rope extension (overhead) and the dumbbell extension. French curls are great, too.

Before trying any of these exercises, get with a personal trainer to show you in person the proper form. Not only will you avoid injury, but youll maximize the way the pros isolate their target muscles.
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