Valentine"s Present Ideas

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Some find it so easy to pick out the perfect Valentines present while other really struggle.
Should you spend a lot of money? Should you stick with flowers and candy? It all depends on your relationship and how tight your budget is.
There are many great gift ideas out there, some classics and some new things that you should consider.
Classic gifts include flowers, candy, cards, and jewelry.
Flowers have been a gift from men on February 14th since as early as the 1700s.
These gifts you can use if you want to slide by.
Women love and expect them, and they are a safe bet.
A newer version of these classics is singing cards, edible arrangements, and personalized jewelry.
No longer do you have to pay $5 for a card that will be read and tossed.
For $5 to $10 you can find a card that sings songs such as "Wild Thing", "I'm Too Sexy", and many more of your favorite lovey dovey and funny songs.
Skip the roses and send her an arrangement of chocolate dipped strawberries.
The cost is the same, but she can eat the fruit instead of throwing away the flowers after a few days.
If she's not a fan of fruit get her cookie or candy bouquet.
Ten years ago you would get your wife or girlfriend a locket, bracelet, or necklace and expect her to be impressed.
Now days girls want your gifts to come from the heart, your heart in particular.
It's easy to find rings, bracelets, and necklaces that can be inscribed with a personal message.
If you can't afford jewelry, why not get her a personalized charm or keychain.
A simple silver circle inscribed with "I Love You" can be found at the mall for around $12.
A t-shirt with a photo of the two of you is also a great idea.
Have one made at your local photo center or online for less than twenty dollars.
Order early, as it can take three days to two weeks for your shirt to come in.
Now you should have plenty of great Valentines present ideas.
While you don't have to spend a lot of money, or buy the expected roses, your gift should come from your heart and be personalized.
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