What Is The Right Path?

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America is currently operating on a top down path system.
A few so-called experts that affect the way America does business are deciding major decisions.
This top down approach is a one size fits all type of methodology.
Therefore, the main concept of the top down theory is the belief that what works best for Michigan must also be what works best for Arizona.
The top down concept mainly manipulates the economy of the financial industry and major companies while all but totally ignoring the smaller business entities.
The end result of the top down method is that large companies get artificial stimulation while government forgets the small businesses.
Most new hirings of workers are done by small businesses and not by large conglomerates.
Large and politically powerful businesses are able to have subsidies directed to them and small businesses must struggle without any real financial assistance.
Big government tends to support big business and big labor while ignoring small and middle size companies that are the true backbone of the American economy.
The rich and shameless companies have the resources needed to hire lobbyist that reach the powerful politicians in Washington DC and the small and middle size companies don't have the resources to hire lobbyist that can reach the ears of the politicians in the Oval office or the federal legislature.
Government should provide assistance nearest the root of any problem.
It would make much more sense for a small town to decide what is the most cost-effective and efficient way to handle a road problem such as filling in pot holes, rather than some bureaucrat in Washington DC making the decision.
It also would not make sense for a county in Illinois to be the final decision maker to determine what is the best way to allocate the national military budget.
Ross Perot ran for President of the United States as an independent candidate in 1992 and 1996.
Perot stated during his campaigning, that the federal government should be in charge of handling national concerns.
Likewise Perot stated, that the states should be in charge of dealing with problems that were solely a state concern and local government should be solely in charge of dealing with problems that were only of local concern.
The federal government is constantly attempting to meddle in issues that are of concern to state and local governments.
The federal government or "Big Brother" believes that they can see all and can know all.
The feds attempt to act as a puppeteer and they try to make everyone behave as if they were merely puppets on a string.
The federal government tries to be like "The Great Wizard" in The Wizard of Oz film, while in reality it all to often ends up being more like "The Wicked Witch of the West" It is time to have government concerns controlled by the source of government that is nearest the problem.
It is time for America to have the freedom of more local control and less interference by the federal government.
Big government threatens the future of America when it attempts to control local and state government issues.
Let's downsize the power of the federal government and up-size the power of state and local governments.
What do you think America? It's something for you to ponder over.
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