Street Fighting Moves - 3 Reasons Why You Never Allow Your Opponent to Recover From Your 1st Strike

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As a reality-base street fighter, when threatened and once someone enters your personal space to do you harm, all bets are off! It is time to move.
It is time for you to execute the first strike without further warning.
This first strike, and when done to a vital and debilitating area, like the eyes, the throat, or the nose can easily spell the end of the fight before it has a chance to get started.
This is your goal - to end a fight before it really has the chance to get started, that is, to circumvent all danger to you before it can get out of hand.
The first strike is therefore one of your most important fighting and self protection principles.
However, the greatest mistake happens is when you do a preemptive strike, but then you stop - allowing enough time for your opponent to recover.
You do not continue with follow up strikes that are equally as destructive and devastating until the threat to you is neutralized.
Stopping and allowing your opponent to recover is a BIG mistake! The 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Allow Your Opponent To Recover from Your First Strike Reason #1 - Immediately After Your Surprise Preemptive Strike, He Is Stunned, Confused and Disoriented - You will at no moment in the fight find yourself at a more advantageous position that right after you execute an effective and devastating first strike to a vital area.
At this point, the fight is all yours.
You are in the driver's seat.
The point is that you must continue driving until the fight is ended.
This means that without following through and continuing to strike, you will have wasted your advantage.
Reason #2 - Not Allowing Your Opponent To Recover, Will Allow You To Dominate Even The Much Bigger Guy - Size becomes totally irrelevant if you strike first, fast and continuously.
You will be able to overcome even the much bigger opponent.
Reason #3 - If You Allow Him To Recover, You Allow Him To Become Even More Aggressive and Determined To Hurt You - If it is a bigger opponent, or an opponent who is by nature violent, you will only help him to become even more aggressive and angry once you allow him to recover.
Remember, that once their anger and adrenaline kick in, their pain threshold has raised, meaning that they can take a little more punishment from you now, than they would have been able to sustain while they were still in the stunned and disoriented state.
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