The Secrets of Alcoy

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Every city and country in the world has its little secrets.
Perhaps, they just haven't been considered important enough to be talked about, or maybe they are lost in the myriad of attractions that the city has to offer.
The following is an attempt to describe some small secrets that were discovered by visitors to Alcoy.
For those who are interested in museums and history, they will find this piece of information fascinating.
There is a popular little restaurant named "Bambú", located on a street of the same name in Alcoy.
If you walk down into the cellar of this restaurant, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a small exhibition like a museum.
However, you should try to visit it at a less busy time so you may enjoy the exhibition in peace.
Those who endeavored to explore the region have discovered another restaurant near Alcoy.
L'Escelata is situated on a less trodden path in the countryside and offers the best cheese and wine in the region.
The father and son duo that runs this restaurant make it a treat to eat at L'Escelata.
In addition to being excellent wine sumilleres they also serve captivating cheese offerings.
The food and wine pairing of this restaurant leave the customer satisfied and full of praise.
If you are one of those people who desire a quiet nook in the country where they can enjoy the beauty of the city without the noise and commotion, then you should probably look for the small holiday homes that are scattered over the countryside.
These small private home are let out by their owners to vacationers and tourists and provide a home away from home combined with the opportunity of experiencing life in Alcoy.
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