How to Convert a DVD to iPod VTS

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    Converting with DVD to iPod Converter

    • 1). Download, install and open DVD to iPod Converter (see Resources below, click "Free Download Now").

    • 2). Click "iPod" from the "Profiles" drop-down menu, then click "Output Folder" and choose a destination for the converted video.

    • 3). Insert the DVD into the DVD drive, then click "Open DVD."

    • 4). Click "Record" and then move the slider under "Output File Size" to suit your preferred size and quality. Click "Yes" to begin conversion. Once conversion has completed, your exported iPod compatible file will be placed in your chosen output directory.

    • 5). Double-click your exported file to open it in iTunes and copy to your iPod as with any iTunes audio file.

    Converting with Handbrake (Mac compatible)

    • 1). Download, install and open Handbrake (see Resources below, choose your operating system and click "Download").

    • 2). Open HandBrake and insert the DVD into the computer's DVD drive. Select "Detected volume" beneath the "Select a DVD" option and click "Open."

    • 3). Click the "Title" drop-down menu, and choose the longest title. The longest title will be the main movie file, while the shorter titles will be any extras on the DVD. If you're ripping a TV show, select the episode you wish to convert. In this instance, all titles will be similar in length.

    • 4). Click "File Format" in the "Destination" section and choose "MP4 file." Click the "Codecs" drop-down menu and choose "MPEG-4 Video / AAC Audio."

    • 5). Click "Browse" to choose an output directory.

    • 6). Click "Average bitrate" and then enter the desired bitrate. This can be set as high as 768, but for iPod viewing 400 is recommended.

    • 7). Click "Bitrate (kbps)" under the "Audio" section and set it to 128. This can be set as high as 320, but will result in a larger file size. There will be little difference in quality between 128 kbps and higher settings, regarding movie or TV playback, for the typical iPod and earphone combination. The 128 kbps setting is a good ratio for smaller file size and good quality audio.

    • 8). Set "Width" in the "size" box to 320, then click "Keep aspect ratio."

    • 9). Click "Rip" to rip and encode the DVD for iPod playback. Once encoding is complete, iTunes should automatically open with the iPod-compatible file. If the file doesn't go to your chosen output directory, double-click the file and it will open in iTunes. Copy to your iPod as you would with other files.

    Convert Using DVD Decrypter and Videora iPod Converter

    • 1). Download and install Videora iPod Converter (see Resources below, click "Download" for the applicable operating system).

    • 2). Download, install and open DVD Decrypter (see Resources below, click "Download DVD Decrypter").

    • 3). Insert the DVD into the computer's DVD drive. Click "Mode" and choose "IFO." Click "Tools" and then "Settings."

    • 4). Click the "File Splitting" drop-down menu and choose "none." Click "OK."

    • 5). Click "Stream Processing." Click the "Enable Stream Processing" tick box to enable it. Click the first, longest video stream in the list if you are ripping a movie. The longest video stream will be the main movie file, while other video streams will be the extras. If you are ripping a TV episode, click on the episode you want to rip.

    • 6). Click the folder icon next to "Destination" and choose a destination folder for the ripped DVD. Click the "Decrypt" button (the disc with an arrow pointing to a hard disk).

    • 7). Open Videora iPod Converter. Click "DVD" and locate the ripped DVD folder.

    • 8). Click "Browse" next to "Output Directory" to choose a destination folder. Click "Forward" to bring up the Video Settings screen.

    • 9). Change "Video Size" to "iPod" and click "Next."

    • 10

      Click "Start Converting" to begin conversion. Once conversion has finished, the file will be saved to the specified output directory, and the file will automatically be opened in iTunes. Copy this to your iPod using the process for any audio file.

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