Karma Sutra Positions for Lesbians

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When you think about the Karma Sutra position, you immediately have this image in your head about a man and a woman. What about the woman-women partners out there? There are so many good karma sutra positions moves available for lesbians and here are some of the best sex positions.

The Student

There are many names for this Karma Sutra position, like Endeavor and Vanilla, but it is also known as The Student. It will be the lesbian equivalent of the missionary as this will most likely be the first girl-girl position you encounter. There are many Kama Sutra style actions for lesbians, but this is the most used and common one.


A strange word for something which is very commonly known as "Humping". The position is very simple and there is no extreme Kama Sutra understanding needed at all. It describes simply the riding against a partners body part. This can be either leg, thigh, genitals or any other body part. This mounting of a partners body part can be very erotic and there are many variations in which you can exercise your right to be frivolous.

The Spoon

This is the most affectionate position as you will lay behind your partner like a pair of spoons in a drawer. One of the most affectionate sex positions without using the catalog of the Karma Sutra.

Muff Dive

The classical variant for oral sex where you might pretend to be a cowboy and utter the words: "Spread them wide, baby". The position does not require any fantasy as you will just lay on top of your partner or have your partner lay on top of you with her face (or yours of course) in direct contact with the vagina. This position can lay claim to being a direct divert of the Kama Sutra position for hetero couples and its been tested over time. It succeeds every time. Why not penetrate at the same time just enough to stimulate the G Spot? This will guarantee a swift and strong orgasm every time.


No guessing here as to what position you will both be in. Exactly. You will be taking the position of the numbers 6 and 9. No more discussing who will get caressed now and who later, just have fun together at the same time. Both partners will enjoy and be pleased in equal measure and that makes this sex position an all time favorite for nearly everyone that ever tried it. There is another slight variant in which you lay on your side making it possible to use one arm as you please.

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