The Clairvoyant - How Much Is Real?

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A person who is able to gain information about objects, events, situations, and locations through some unusual means is known as a clairvoyant. As the term clairvoyant is derived from French and it means clear vision, a person with clear vision about distant things is known as a clairvoyant.

A clairvoyant takes help of senses other than normal human senses to get clear visions. In most cases, a clairvoyant uses his extra-sensory-perceptions or ESP to clearly view details about distant targets. ESP is an ability that only a few selected people possess.

It has been claimed time and again that paranormal or psychic abilities exist. These are the abilities that make a person clairvoyant and the claims of these abilities have often met with criticism and controversy. Parapsychology is exploring the possibilities of its existence but the scientific community does not accept the presence of any paranormal or psychic abilities.

Within the field of parapsychology, clairvoyance is defined as a process to transfer information to a clairvoyant. The transferred information is both contemporary and hidden from the clairvoyant. May believe clairvoyance to be similar to telepathy but it is very different.

Telepathy transfers information from mind of one person to the mind of another person whereas a clairvoyant gets all information directly from a physical source that is external.

If clairvoyance is seen an entity apart from parapsychology, it exists in different forms of anomalous cognition. The anomalous cognitions may have something to do with post events or they may be related to some future events. Anomalous cognition about past events is termed as pre-cognition while anomalous cognition about future events is termed as pre-cognition.

Clairvoyance is related to remote viewing, but remote viewing is not as widely applicable to clairvoyance. This is because remote viewing is a controlled process.

In recent times, clairvoyance has come to be indicative of most forms of purport medium-ship. It is very unfortunate as there are only four primary channels of medium-ship. These four channels are clairsensing, healing, physical, and trance.

Clairvoyance, like clairaudience, is a kind of clairsensing. Both belong to same primary channel of clairsensing but it is not necessary that both exist together at the same time. Remote viewing is only a facet of clairvoyance.

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