Gag Gift Ideas for a 75th Birthday Party

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    Laughing at Aging

    • A suitable gag gift for a 75th birthday will make light of the trappings and minor inconveniences of aging. For a creative present, use a one-week pill dispenser to package a small gift. Earrings or cuff links fit within pill dispenser compartments perfectly, allowing you to inclide chocolate bonbons, confetti or costume baubles in the other days' compartments.

      Many party supply shops provide "Over the Hill"-related gag gifts designed for 40th and 50th birthday parties. At 75, some of the props, such as a cane with mirror and horn, may hit too close to home. However, for the high-spirited, "Over-the-Hill" gag gifts may inspire just the right attitude towards aging.

    Playing with Contrasts

    • Check party shops for items like tattoos for the elderly, a collection of temporary tattoos that take a light-hearted approach to the usual style sensibilities of the septuagenarian. Tattoos include wheelchairs crowned with hot-rod red and yellow flames and pill boxes guarded by hissing snakes. For a creative and gently acerbic gag, make a collage of movie stars who aged particularly well; photos may include Sean Connery, Katharine Hepburn or Peter O'Toole. In the middle of the collage, affix a small mirror.

    Edible Laughs

    • For wine connoisseurs, assure them that they're aging like fine wines by creating a custom-made label featuring their photo and attaching it to a nice, vintage bottle of wine. Give the wine a subtly biting name, like "Turning Olds," "Shifting Sands" or "Groaning Arbors." If you're the one serving the cake, top it with 75 small lollipops. Along the edge of the cake, write in frosting "75 Sucks!" For a wrapped gift variation, simply fill a jar with 75 tasty and colorful lollipops, and write the same message on a note, attached with decorative ribbon. Anything made with prunes also makes a gentle gag gift. Wrap a jumbo bag of the dried fruits with fancy wrapping paper and ribbon, or bake a tasty prune-based dessert, such as puff pastry prune tarts. Include the recipe and highlight the word "prunes" for a gift that's both gag and delight.

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