Review - Gears of War 2

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It looks as though the sequel to the brutal action genre classic Gears of War has lived up to the enormous hype surrounding it.
The sequel at first glances seems to be more of an expansion to the original rather than a whole new game, and in many ways this is true.
There is still the same cover system known to all Gears of War fans, and yes, although there are minor flaws with it (hiding behind the wrong wall, etc) , the cover and shoot system is still extremely addictive and adds a new dimension to the combat within the game.
Then of course there is the stunning visual aspect of the game, every minute detail is perfectly designed, making this one of the most graphically awe inspiring games to ever be made.
However its not until you delve deeper into the game that you realize its true potential.
Whilst most shooter games seem to neglect the campaign in favor of creating a better multiplayer environment, GOW2 has them both.
The ten+ hour campaign is both enjoyable and intense all the way through and offers incredible backdrops, memorable showdowns and an interesting storyline that keep you playing until the end.
The games multiplayer, however, takes it to the next level.
The original Gears of War even now, has a cult following around the world with millions of players playing online regularly, and with this said Gears of War 2 looks set to beat it.
The introduction of many new guns, maps, bots and of course Horde mode (up to four players fight alongside one another against up to 50 waves of locust enemies.
) means that the new multiplayer has been 'fleshed out' whilst keeping the same addictive and intensely focused combat that made the original such a hit.
The Only Reviews Rating: 9/10 A fantastic remake to an already brilliant game.
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