Heart Of Love, Life Of Joy, 6 Areas Where You Can Let Love In

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Are you living with love in your heart or holding on to guilt, anger and resentment? Are you suffocating the love your heart wants and needs to feel with a negative story playing in your mind?

If you open your heart and allow yourself to feel the love you have inside many troubles and problems will seem much less important. I challenge you to let yourself feel and express love in all areas of your life. Can you give yourself permission to carry love in your heart and express that love daily?

How to express more love in 6 areas of your life:

1.Your Significant other
"Create a love note on a post-it and put it somewhere your significant other will see it.
"Write a love letter.
"Create a list of 50 reasons why you love them or 10 if 50 seem overwhelming?
"Look at your significant other with loving eyes and remember why you fell in love with them.

2.For your Kids
"Give your child a hug for no reason other than because you love them. It might make their day.
"Ask your kids what the best part of their day was and then look at them, make eye contact and really listen as they share it.
"When your child talks stop what you are doing and listen with an open heart, you will appreciate your child in a new way. Don't we all just want to be heard and loved?

3.For your Friends
"Call a friend you haven't talked to in awhile.
"Don't let life get so busy you can't make time for the friends you treasure.
"Phone, e-mail or text a friend to schedule a time to get together.

4.For your Work
"Whatever project/task you are working on stop and look at it again with loving eyes. Seriously?? Yes, try it. Find one thing you like about the project.
"Think of the good things in your job, then focus on those and watch your attitude shift.
"For the colleague, boss or employee that might be on your last nerve shift your thoughts and say this to yourself, "they are doing the best they can at this given moment" and then breathe.

5.For your Enemies
"The people you call your enemy were brought into your life to teach you something. Do you know what it is?
"Can you open your heart just a little and feel some compassion for them or is your heart rock solid? Where there is hate there is also love.
"Try to find one good thing about the person that you call your enemy?

6.For YOU
"Say to yourself, "I love you!"
"Smile at yourself in the mirror and look in your eyes and send yourself pure love. Find a mirror and try it. Look in your eyes and say, "I love you".
"Treat yourself with love and kindness; you are the only person exactly like you so treasure yourself.

We can all use a little more love in our life and it starts right now with YOU! Go forward in your day with a loving heart and you will suddenly see more joy! You won't have to look far.
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