The Consumer Guide for Buying Silver

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    Capital Risk

    • Although investing in silver is considered a safe choice in comparison to other investment options, it is not a guaranteed investment. As with all precious metal investments, you may face a loss instead of a gain due to the changing value of silver. As with any investment, never risk any capital that you cannot afford to lose.

    Quality Silver

    • When purchasing silver as an investment, always examine the metal for quality. Investment-grade silver will have the purity, weight of the silver and a serial number stamped on it. The best investment-quality silver is marked .9999, which is the purest form of silver available.

    Compare Sellers

    • Always compare sellers and the prices they offer on silver coins, ingots and bars. Generally speaking, purchasing silver bars will usually lower the cost of silver per troy ounce. The price of silver varies from one seller to the next, so comparing prices and quality will ensure that you get the best deal on your investment.

    Troy Ounces

    • Be aware of the weight of silver you are purchasing. All precious metals are weighed in troy ounces. If you are buying silver for the first time, this can cause confusion as unethical sellers try to sell 28 grams of silver as 1 ounce. When purchasing 1 ounce of silver, it should weigh at least 31 grams.

    Supplier's Stamp Of Authenticity

    • When purchasing silver bars, always check the bar for a stamp of authenticity before purchasing. Well known suppliers offer Engelhard and other trusted brands. The stamp of authenticity varies in appearance, with each company having its own stamp.

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