FASHION WATCHES - A Reflection of Personality

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Fashion watches are not just stylish but a reflection of sense of style and how well one can accessorize oneself. Fashion or designer watches come in a large collection for men, women and teenagers. Fashion watches are much more than watches. They are also a form of expression of personality or the kind of sports one is involved in.

A trekker, a diver, or a rock climber, fashion watch can get the sports quotient appearing in it. What's more amazing is it need not be something too expensive, as long as it displays the exact €feel' and the €look' one is looking for. So lets talk about few illustrious watches in a brief.

Alessandro Baldieri is a famous Italian designer whose creative flair, love of luxury and keen eye for detail lead him into the world of watches. Alessandro Baldieri is known for its accessible luxury, fashionable and stylish sports timepieces which amaze the imagination by the boldness of shapes and the fancy mix of styles and designs. Baldieri watches are made in limited edition and small quantities by selecting the best materials.

A must have is a Colori watch while on vacation to team up clothes with colourful watches. They are inspired by seasonal colours and fashion trends which also can be a reflection of the mood of a person. Buying a fashion watch is not just a way of splurging money it can allow fashion experimentation. A great way to use it is by mixing different metallic bangles or coloured ones to put the watch in limelight, giving it that extra focus yet making it easy to check the time. The look allows a mix and match for trying fashionable versatility. A fashion watch should ideally be a must-have accessory in a wardrobe.

Alfex swiss watches are more focused on the design and Swiss quality criteria and are mid-range priced. They have a history for making watches of the best designs and have won awards for the most innovative design and graphics. With such great designs and collections available, one will indeed buy a fashion watch for different events, meetings or functions. Alfex dares to be spontaneous so you can dare to be different. The secret of this success lies in the clever union of classical Swiss art and the latest production technologies with the creativity of internationally acclaimed designers. These qualities characterize all Alfex collections and distinguish every single watch. Its elegant, high performance watches combine original designs with the professional skills and experience of its watchmakers, along with sincere passion for the art of fine aviation timepieces.

Boxer Milano is another company whose collection is inspired by entertainment, experimentation, creativity in its pure state, comfort, strength and beauty. Precious dials can be found encased in tender embraces of soft colored rubber. There is an authentic desire to dare in the Boxer Milano, to play with contrasts, to be different and unique in every occasion. Boxer Milano watches represent passion for the style and good taste of the sweet Italian life.

These brands give a completely new meaning to the on-going trend and designs of fashion watches. And people flock around these picking their kind of styled watch. If you still don't own one then its best to go through the collections and then make-up your mind for buying your next watch. Incase you need help, you can start with the

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