Get a New Career in Foot Care - Part 2 - Will I Get Enough Clients?

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There Will Always be Feet! No matter what the state of the economy, there will be people who need their feet looking after, and who can't reach their feet.
Typically this group is made up of pensioners who are unable to bend far enough to cut their toes or check their feet.
The group also includes younger adults and children who have a variety of foot problems that they can't solve themselves and/or who have mobility problems preventing them reaching their feet.
People either come to your clinic room or you can go to visit them at their home or at a care home.
Just have a walk around your town and look to see how many people could be your potential clients.
As we've said, there just aren't enough foot health professionals to go around, so if you're willing, able and qualified, the world is your oyster (well, feet are anyway!).
One of the best things about doing people's feet is that they are always happy to see you.
Not only that, you can help them in a positive and obvious manner so you feel even better about doing it.
Demand For foot Care is Increasing Let's look to the future.
Foot care associations say that the demand for foot care is going to increase because of:
  • The demographic shift means the 60+ age bracket is increasing, and older people often need their feet looking after to one degree or another
  • The under 60s are beginning to recognise the need to look after their feet and seek treatment/advice where necessary
  • Parents are bringing children for checkups and advice
  • People are beginning to understand that chronic problems with joints and back can be because of bad feet, so they are seeking treatment from the toes up
  • There are more people with diabetes - they often have foot related problems
There are not enough foot care professionals to meet the demand today, never mind in the next few or many years.
Foot care practitioners are in demand! Foot Health Care Matters to All All people need to look after their feet, no matter what their age.
Happily more and more people are realising this in time and seeking to avoid foot problems rather than just look for help when the problems have developed.
As a foot health care practitioner, you can offer pre-emptive foot health advice as well as treating those who do have problems.
Not only are there more elderly people needing care for their feet, there is an ever-growing group of younger adults and children needing it too - those who are overweight and those who have diabetes (many of them suffering from both).
And of course, there are those with back problems.
Many people who suffer from sore backs and joints find the problems stem from their feet! In addition, as the economy strengthens, there are many more niches you will be able market to - schools, golfers, walkers, runners, dancers and so on.
Shown the benefits, they will be happy to spend money on foot care with you.
You will find a huge range of clients it just needs some imagination and some marketing.
See you in article number three, Get a New Career in Foot Care - Part 3.
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