Exam Manual for EC1-350 Test

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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V7 exam is a requisite exam for endorsed credential of ethical hacking. Exam code for this exam is EC1-350 exam.

Targeted audience for Exam

This exam is specifically designed for individuals who are work in following job roles and intended to make a carrier in ethical hacking area.

€ Networking professionals
€ Administrators
€ IT Manages
€ IT professionals

Details of EC1-350 Exam

€ Number of questions
o Approximately seventy questions

€ Types of questions
o Multiple choices - single response
o Multiple choices - multiple-answers
o Drag and Drop
o Hot Area
o Build a tree
o Descriptive tree

€ Time Duration
o Ninety minutes

€ Requisite Passing score
o Seventy Percent marks

€ Exam Type
o Proctored

Available Languages for EC1-350 Exam

Five different languages are available.

€ English
€ French
€ German
€ Japanese
€ Chinese (Simplified)

Details of EC1-350 Exam Topics

€ Explanation of Exploit, triangle for security functionality, process of attacker's, reflexive reconnaissance, dynamic reconnaissance, different attack Types
€ Description of modes of exploits, targets of attackers and their intentions
€ Description of ethical hackers and crackers their job roles this also includes self proclaimed ethical hacking, Hacktivism hacking for particular cause, required skills for hacking, classification of Ethical Hackers, evaluation plan for security, different types of Ethical Hacks
€ Comprehensive detail of types of Tests, Report of Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security Enhancement Act, Crimes performed through Computer, Hacking and Punishment
€ Definitions and explanation of Foot printing, stepladder for gathering information, http://tucows.com, usage of hacking tool such as Sam Spade and Neo Trace, Analyzing outputs, NSLookup, and discovering the range of address within network, ARIN, Tracing routes, Visual Route, and Visual Lookout
€ Expert usage of hacking tools such as Smart Who is, email Tracking Pro, mailtracking.com
€ Determining live system, fingerprinting for Active stack, Passive stack, Administration of Password Guessing, how to Perform Automated Password Guessing
€ Explanation of Legion, NT Info Scan, protection against Password Guessing, surveillance of event viewer logs, VisualLast, Eavesdropping within network password exchange,
€ Expert usage of hacking tools such as L0phtCrack, Kerb Crack, Get Admin, hk,
€ Definition and explanation of algorithms for manual password cracking and automatic password cracking, types of password, category of Password Attacks, Dictionary Attack, Brute Force Attack, Redirecting SMB
€ Extensive Usage of hacking tools such as SMBRelay, SMBRelay2, SMBRelay (MITM), SMBRelay MITM Countermeasures, SMBGrinder, SMBDie, NBTDeputy
Explanation of NetBIOS DoS Attack, nbname, John the Ripper, LanManager Hash, Password Cracking Countermeasures

Register Availability for EC1-350 Exam

€ Prometric Testing center is a designated registration center for this exam.

Recommended Preparatory Course for exam

This is not a conventional curriculum and required keen surveillance after completion therefore candidate must register with any ACT - Accredited Training Center for the preparation of this exam. ACT will also be hold accountable for your action after completing courses so they keep a keen surveillance of delegate who wishes to pursue carrier in ethical hacking and took training for such exams.
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