Why Drinking Water is Better Than Taking Medicine

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Hi Everyone, This is part two of my 12 part article/blog on water hydration (Your Body is Screaming For Water).
Water hydration is very important to the body! The body has a procedure primarily involves a strict savings of water "savings" of the body.
A water supply for the right needs of the body will be limited.
Discipline of the available savings of the water in the body becomes the responsibility of a difficult system.
This system has many levels of water savings and a distribution procedure that is in operation until the body gets signals that it has gain control of the right water supply.
Every operation of the body is monitored to the flow of water.
Water discipline is the only way of making sure that right amounts of water and its transported nutrients first reach more important parts that will have confront and deal with any new problems.
One of the many procedures is the body's water saving phase.
Some functions are monitored so that one structure does not get more than its share of water.
This is true for all parts of the body.
Within these many systems of water savings, the brain function takes priority over all the other systems.
The brain is1/50th of the total body weight, but it receives 18%-20% of the blood circulation.
When the "saving master" in charge of the body's water savings regulation and distribution become more and more noticeable, they also give their own signal to show that the spot in question is low of water, very much like the radiator of a truck giving out stem when the cooling system is not right for the uphill drive of the truck.
In today's world, thinking that tea, coffee, alcohol, and manufactured drinks are good substitutes for the natural water needs of the daily "problems" body is an elementary but big mistake.
It is a fact that these drinks contain water, but also contain dehydrating agents.
They remove water they are dissolved in and some of the water from the savings of the body.
Today's life style makes people hooked on all kinds of drinks that are commercially manufactured.
Kids are not taught to drink water, they become hooked on sodas and juices.
This is a self taught restriction on the water needs of the body.
It is not possible to drink manufactured drinks in full replacement of water needs of the body.
At the same time, a need for taste of these drinks will automatically reduce the free urge to drink water when sodas and juices are not available.
Today, doctors do not know the many roles of water in the body.
Dehydration causes loss of some functions, many sophisticated signals given by the saving leaders of the body's water savings process during severe dehydration have been translated as signs of disease conditions of the body.
This is the most common mistake that has griped the medicine world.
It has stopped doctors from being able to advise preventive measures or offer simple cures for lots of major diseases in humans.
With signs of these signals, the body should be given water for these savings systems to distribute.
How ever, the doctors have been taught to quiet these signals with chemical products.
Of course doctors have no understanding of the significance of this most ugly mistake.
The many signals made by these water distributors are signs of thirst and drought of the body.
They can be relieved by an increased intake of water.
They are improperly dealt with by the use of commercial chemical products until established diseases are born.
It is sad that this error is allowed to continued until the use of more and more chemicals to treat the other developing symptoms and complications of dehydration becomes noticeable, and then the patient dies.
The mistake in quieting the different signals of water lows in the body with chemical products is immediately detrimental to the cells of the body of the person being treated.
I take pride in bringing to your attention a great knowledge in medicine that can benefit every person who may fall sick, especially older people.
Be sure and look for my next article/blog were I will be discuss the topic Why "Drinking Water" Is Better Than Taking Medicine further.
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