Why Does a Lumbar Disk Protrusion Cause Pain?

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    Lumbar Disk

    • A lumbar disk is a soft round pad that rests between the vertebrae in your lower spine. It acts as a cushion and helps give your spine flexibility.

    Disk Protrusion

    • A lumbar disk protrusion occurs when some of the disk's center is pushed out through the disk's walls. The protruding portion of the disk puts pressure on nearby nerves and other body parts.

    Back Pain

    • A lumbar disk protrusion causes lower back pain because it puts pressure on nerves in your back.

    Sciatic Pain

    • Sciatic pain can be caused by a lumbar disk protrusion when the disk presses down on your spinal nerve. Sciatic pain radiates down your buttock and continues down the back of your leg.


    • Lumbar disk protrusion is most likely to occur in men who are middle-aged or older.

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