The Picture Perfect Maldives

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Mentioning the name of Maldives islands is enough to conjure up a romantic fantasy and this is the reason that many people wish to visit the place at least once in a lifetime. One occasion which seems perfect to visit Maldives is on a honeymoon. Dots of emerald green surrounded by shining turquoise waters! Maldives Islands look like scattered beads in the ocean. White powdery beaches, tall palms leaning on towards the sea, crystalline white sands giving way to crystal clear waters and shades of turquoise blending flawlessly with deeper hues of blue - the charming sights to behold in Maldives are many. Add to that, pristine coral reefs and some of the most incredible underwater life on earth. Maldives remains a prime travel and honeymoon destination visited by millions.

The Maldives is composed of around 1200 islands beautifully separated by the clear turquoise waters but what's superb is that just one sixth of these islands are occupied and populated. So are you wondering what's in the abandoned islands? Properly, that's for you to uncover. It is the unique geography of the Maldives that allows it to offer such incredible diving. The tops of an ancient submerged mountain range, the coral reefs and atolls of the Maldives now stretch across some 500 miles of the Indian Ocean from north to south.

Maldives is among the world's three best holy lands for diving. It would be a pity if visitors did not dive in Maldives. At first, visitors should understand the word €PADI€, which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Anyone who wants to dive in Maldives has to show his or her diving license which is proved by PADI. Most holiday inns provide visitors with diving training courses and tests in Maldives. Most coaches come from Germany and Switzerland, and they are dive masters. Generally speaking, it costs visitors three days to get a PADI license which allows visitors to dive within 18 meters below the sea.

An excursion into inhabited island of Maldives is the best way to understand how the ordinary Maldivian scampers through the struggles of life. Some of these islands sport a slightly modern ambience with brightly painted house walls and harbour areas. There are quite fishing villages also with lots of tree-shade, swings and traditional wooden holhaushi. Holhaushi is a wooden structure where fisher folk unwind after a day's work exchanging news, telling stories, playing cards and listening to local radio.

To navigate through the Maldives generally requires a boat called the dhoni. These unique and specially crafted boats come in a range of sizes including large boats that are used to transport fish and smaller boats for little voyages in and around the Islands. Water taxis are also available to carry divers from one location to another. Since the majority of the inhabitants of the Maldives are fisherman, the boats serve the best way to move around from place to place.

The climate in the Maldives is humid and warm with the sun shining throughout the year. Although Dhiveli is their national language, English is also widely spoken by the locals. In most resorts and hotels in Maldives, you'll even find locals and staffs who are multilingual and well-versed in French, Japanese, Italian and German languages.
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