Double Cream Blue Cheese: A Specially Manufactured Cheese For Cheese Lovers

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Categorizing all available types of cheese is almost an impossible task. But undoubtedly a cheese with more cream is the hot favorite of all cheese lovers. Cheese with more cream gives the maximum level of nutritional value. The sweetness of more creamy cheeses is also more compared to normal cheese.

More creamy cheese means more butterfat. Butterfat is nothing but the fatty part of the milk. All cheese except for fatless cheese contains some butterfat. A cheese is categorized as double cream or triple cream cheese, depending upon the amount of butterfat content in it. A double cream cheese generally has 60% of butterfat content. The first ever created double cream cheese is the Petit Suisse first manufactured in 1850.

A blue cheese can be made tastier with the addition of more cream and it can also be termed as Double Cream Blue Cheese if the butterfat content of a blue Cheese is 60%. If one is seeking for the highest level of sweetness and sharpness in a cheese, then this type of cheese is the perfect choice. Fresh cream and an extra level of butter are used to make the cheese tastier. The distinct taste and appearance of the cheese makes the buyers more curious about it. It also has a milder taste than the Traditional Blue cheese. Its nutritional value is also worth mentioning and per 100g of cheese contains 400kcal of energy. Moreover, it is also rich in fat content and per 100g of cheese contains 23.40gm of saturated fat. Besides fat and energy, it also contains protein, carbohydrate and sodium.

Double Cream Blue Cheese is easy to spread as it is buttery and the added cream adds to its sweetness and rich, creamy texture. It has a mild and smooth flavor and this kind of cheese is not aged for a longer period of time. As this is a dense and rich cheese, it should be paired with milder accompanies. A sweet, red dessert wine will be the perfect combination to woe your taste buds. Champagne or Prosecco will also complement the creamy texture of the cheese. It can also be served with fresh fruits like Cherries, grapes, raspberry, pears or walnuts. If you are planning to prepare a new innovative dish, then here are some ideas. A bit of cheese and cream can be tossed through hot pasta along with baby spinach leaves, toasted walnut and bacon. This can make a quick as well as a delicious meal. A simple dollop can also be created by blending mascarpone and blue cheese. Multiple cheese selling websites are also there to suggest you more mouth watering dishes.

Double Cream Blue Cheese should be stored well and in the right manner. It should be stored in a perforated wrapper which will allow the cheese to breathe. To prevent it from drying out in the refrigerator it can also be wrapped in grease-proof paper. It should always be kept in a separate large container at a temperature of 3-5oc. However, this type of cheese acquires their best flavor when nearer to the Best before date.
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