3 Ways to Give the Gift of Powerful Health This Holiday Season

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Holiday shopping often brings with it the perennial question of what to get for family and friends each year.
Nearly everyone has more "stuff" than they have time or room for, but everyone wants to express their love, respect, and affection for those in our lives by giving gifts during the holiday season.
What better way to let loved ones know that you want them around for a good long while than to give gifts that promote powerful health.
Join A Friend In Fitness Get a pair of memberships to a local gym, yoga class, ballet class, ballroom dancing class, golf lessons, or any other physical activity that you and a friend can enjoy together.
Research shows that people who work out with a friend or buddy are far more likely to stick with it long enough to see results.
By buying one for you and one for a friend, both will be better off both physically and emotionally.
Exercise provides countless benefits, including weight loss, increased stamina, and an improved outlook on life.
Create An Organic Gift Basket For loved ones who live further away, an organic gift basket is an excellent way to tell them you care and that you want them to look and feel their best.
There are a wide variety of organically produced canned foods, crackers, cookies, and snacks, cheeses, and even holiday greeting cards! If your recipient lives close enough, several types of fresh organic food from the local farmers market and grocery store can be included.
A Live Indoor Herb Garden Live organic herbs make excellent gifts since they are not only attractive indoor plants, but also add gourmet taste to everyday meals.
Additionally, organic herbs help to promote natural healing with their antioxidant properties and mineral content.
The human body has evolved for tens of thousands of years to use herbs and other plants to obtain the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients needed for powerful health.
If you're artistic, you can paint the pots with fun designs before giving it as a gift.
For kids, giving them the tools to paint the pots and plant the organic herbs means an art project, an educational experience, and the gift of health all wrapped up in one.
Supplement Good Health Another excellent way to provide those you love with powerful health throughout the year is to give a collection of nutritional supplements made from organic herbs.
Not only does powerful health promote natural healing, it also can help to prevent chronic conditions.
By providing the nutrients needed for powerful health, our bodies can maintain higher levels of vitality and stamina while promoting improvements in mood and metabolism.
Every little touch adds up to a memorable and thoughtful gift.
Whether your gift is a gym membership, a bag of healthy goodies, or a nutritional supplement plan, your family and friends will know that you care about their good health this holiday season when they open your special gift from the heart.
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