Creating a Professional Image for Your Window Cleaning Business is Critical to Your Success

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I teach and consult with people on how to build successful window cleaning businesses.
But this article isn't about that.
This article is how one of my students has literally changed his life by creating a high-impact, professional image that is so important for the success of a window cleaning business.
I'm sure there are multiple other businesses out there that also benefit from having a solid image, but with window cleaning, we are inside customer's homes, and many times those homes are high-end expensive homes with lots of expensive furnishings, so we have to prove to the homeowner that we're not some Joe Blow passing through town looking for beer money.
I had a really nice conversation recently with one of my students by the name of Tony.
I'll keep his last name private so he doesn't get bombarded with phone calls.
But he's a person who truly embraces what our business should be about in terms of image and professionalism.
It is really a motivating story, so with Tony's permission, I'm going to recap it here.
Enjoy! Tony just recently got into the window washing business and he was going through the process of building his business as we all do.
One day he heard that a fellow window washer died of a heart attack.
So Tony began to wonder what would become of his customer list.
All the window washers in town heard about this unexpected window washer's death.
And they each made their own individual attempts to grab the interest of the wife because they were all interested in getting their hands on the customer list of this now deceased window washer.
Tony wanted to wait a little while out of respect for the wife, so he waited I think he said 3 weeks.
He then sent her an initial letter by mail.
Tony sent it to me to look it over before he sent it.
Very nice, very professional.
He then contacted her with the intent of simply meeting for lunch.
No talk about lists or any of that stuff on the phone.
So they agreed to meet at a restaurant to discuss the issue.
Tony brought his wife along so no one would think there was any hanky panky going on so soon after the husband's death.
Tony was dressed up in his high image, professional uniform.
"Dressed for Success" as they say.
They sat down and proceeded to discuss this customer list that Tony was hoping to get.
Part of the battle was impressing Kathy, the wife, and that was accomplished within the first couple of minutes of their meeting (first impressions are oh so important).
But Tony wanted to impress upon her what kind of service he provides his customers, so he went through the exact estimate presentation just like he would if he was presenting an estimate to a prospect.
And it worked! Kathy was so impressed that she gave the entire customer list to Tony.
And get this...
no money down! All Tony has to do is pay her 10% from each job for a measly 2 years.
Wow! Would you like to know what happened to those previous 3 window washers that approached Kathy prior to Tony? Well obviously she turned 'em all down.
Kathy told Tony that originally she wanted the business to die with her husband.
Because she just felt that no one could do window cleaning jobs similar to how her husband did 'em.
These WERE her feelings.
And then she met Tony.
The rest is history.
Tony was able to convince her due to his quality image, high professionalism, and proper care for the customer, that the best decision she should make would be to let Tony take care of the customers.
Bullseye! I spoke to Tony at length about how this all transpired and I can tell you he's floating on a cloud.
But there are two reasons why I wanted to pass this story on to you though.
It proves that if you can create a rock solid image, you will have tremendous advantages over your competition.
I guess you could even say it's "thinking outside the box" as I talk about in a previous article I wrote, but to me, creating a high image is only natural.
most window washers really "don't get it".
That's why this business is so easy.
It's like taking candy from a baby.
The other 3 window washers who this lady refused to do business with, are probably moping around wondering why they got turned down.
they'll never know.
It tells me that Tony won't even have any serious competition in his area.
So congratulations Tony! 2.
The 2nd reason for me telling this story is to let you know what is possible in this business.
Many of you (my system owners) are currently experiencing the income that's possible in this biz and that is super.
But for those who might not be there yet, I just wanted to fill you in on a couple of things this deceased gentleman was able to accomplish.
This year he was on target to make close to 140k.
Kathy said he was having his best year yet.
This proves the point that if you just continue to push, good things will happen.
Speaking of that though, can you imagine getting a customer list handed to you that's worth almost 140k? Tony wrote me an email the other day saying he already secured 25 jobs this month just from picking up the phone and calling the customers on "The List".
Kathy said that the profits from her husband's window washing business put all 3 of their kids through college.
Cool, huh? Forget college loans.
How 'bout cash on the barrelhead for three complete college educations.
In addition to the above, Tony mentioned that Kathy was driving a brand new Audi and was dressed to the max.
All of it she said was from window washing profits! So if you haven't already, work on creating your own quality image for your window cleaning business.
And then step back and watch what happens! Take care for now and Happy Image Building!
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