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Digital video editing software, high definition video cameras, hard drive capacity, and high-speed processing power - what do all of these have to do with affiliate marketing?

Well, when you think about it enough - a great deal. It is a well-known fact amongst carpenters that no matter how much they may know about carpentry, without the correct tools their work will always be below their acceptable standard.

The same is true for affiliate marketers who my have an ambition to stand out in the new online video world. You are only limited by two things - your imagination and your equipment. If you are an affiliate marketer it is a given that you are intelligent. You are smart enough to know that affiliate marketing is a great gig in which to play. So the only thing that could possibly limit you is your tools - your equipment - right? Right!

The essential work horse for video production is a modern computer, with high-speed processing power, a smooth operating system, and a large capacity to store video files. This means a large hard drive. It is also prudent to have a good sized secondary drive to complement your primary drive. If you are producing quantity, you're going to need at least a TB, or terabyte of storage. That's 1000 gigabytes.

A dual core processor is a must for fast threading during video rendering. A dual-core processor contains two CPU's, or central processing units; in layman's terms - chips, and increases rendering performance. Rendering is what happens after you shoot and edit your video and tell the computer to complete it. With high-speed dual processors what can take over an hour, depending on the length of the video, would only take a few minutes. Let it rip! You will appreciate the investment and produce more videos.

Of course all video starts with the camera, and high definition cameras are relatively cheap now. Canon, Panasonic, and Sony have great selections to choose from, and nearly all of them come with interesting features and good storage capabilities. Most of them also come with camera docks hosting built-in high speed FireWire and USB connections to facilitate faster capture of the wilds, which are raw unedited sections of footage, from the camera to the computer.

A great video production set up would not be complete without smart video editing software. Most modern personal computers now come with some sort of editing software. You can start at that level and do an acceptable job of it. But if you want to get a more professional look and feel in your videos step up to either Sony Vega or Pinnacle Ultimate Studio 12. My personal choice is Pinnacle, created by Avid, the famous video editing software developers.

It is a pleasure to work with and has an upload facility that is perfectly compatible with you Tube and other video hosting sites. Get set up right and enjoy producing great video. It will enhance your affiliate marketing and you will have fun doing it.

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