How surpass death?

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What is permanent in life? What remain forever as long as life is present on earth? Is life permanent or death permanent?

The most fearful or scary or worrying truth that bother all living things on earth is death. Nothing would scare man like death and interestingly, much has been spoken and written about death by man since time immemorial. In the poetic or literary sense, the life of many €path breakers' begin only from their death and the same death only puts an end to the life of all those who are born to live an ordinary life.

Death is an end as well as beginning also. But the real effect or meaning of death is same to both the €path breakers' and to the €ordinary human' being. All the path breakers are €people ahead of time'. None of the contemporaries ever would have understood these €path breakers' when they were alive. By the time people progress to the time of those path breakers, they would have died and gone. But despite their death, their achievements or contributions continue to remain as lamp to the generation.

The question yet to be answered that is what is dying? Can anyone say what is dying? The body or the mind or the soul€¦€¦.. Have we ever understood what is dying? Is death of body prelude death of the mind and soul or death of soul cause death of the body and mind or vice versa?

Philosophically speaking, death is must for every living thing and death is a very natural process etc. But are we aware of the fact that ever since the life was formed on earth or from the time when Noah's who build the world, death has become an eternal truth and none had ever surpassed it.

Even in all mythology and epics whenever God had appeared in the form of human being has also died like humans. Human beings have to understand the truth that death is deathless and death never dies. Paradoxically, death exists as long as life exists on earth and death also exists without death. Then what is dying? Only life alone is dying and death live forever.

Should man strive to live towards a permanent death or should live a life which can die at any moment. If death is defined to be as an end of our journey or the last destination of life, death will be painful and if death were taken as a transformation stage of our soul from one level to another like an infant grown to child and then to an adult etc. death will not be fearful or painful. The cause for confusion is mainly due to the defect in our understanding or notion about death.

Like growth and development of our body, death is one of the important stages through which the soul may be reaching to a higher state. The body is only acting as a vehicle to the soul. Once the soul is ready for its next level, naturally the soul has to leave the body to death.

Live with your soul, live for the soul and be a part of the soul, your life will be blissful.

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