Noticeable Kidney Infection Symptoms in Women

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Women are often prone to kidney infection, and the symptoms of which are easy for them to notice. Renal infection is a bacterial infection in the kidneys and is a kind of urinary tract infection (UTI). Because of women's shorter urethra, they are more prone to acquiring renal infection and other UTI's.

Kidney infection symptoms in women are still similar to the general ones. However, prior to discussing those symptoms, the common causes of this renal infection must be discussed first. One can get renal infection from kidney stones, hygiene issues, pregnancy, or sexual intercourse. Kidney stones form from excess uric acid, calcium, and cystine that have not been removed from the body. When a stone gets stuck in the ureter, it can block the flow of urine, causing the urine to go back to the kidney instead of the bladder. This results to renal infection.

Indeed, kidney infection symptoms belong to the UTI set of symptoms because the kidneys belong to the urinary tract system. Common causes include kidney stones, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, and hygiene. When bacteria enter the body through the vagina, anus, or skin, the bacteria can ascend to the kidneys, which they will eventually infect. As for kidney stones, these are actually due to the stored calcium, cystine, and excess uric acid that have not been filtered. These stones then block the passage of the urine that leads to renal infection.

Renal infection can also be brought about by hygiene issues, pregnancy, or sexual intercourse (especially for women). Women should not wipe their genitals from the anus to the vagina after urinating because the bacteria from the anus can cause renal infection once it reaches the vagina and goes through the urethra. The same thing occurs when, during sexual intercourse, bacteria enter the body through the vagina, anus, or skin.

The most common symptoms in women include:

Kidney Pain (in Lower Back Area)
In renal infection, the kidneys are swollen and this leads to pain. Where the kidneys are located (just below the rib cage), there is often extreme or severe pain.

Urine Changes
Another common symptom of renal infection is an abnormality in the way patients urinate or how the urine looks like. First of all, patients report pain or discomfort when urinating. There are those who feel the urge to urinate more frequently or less frequently. The amount of urine also changes. The urine will also look different – darker, foamy, and may contain blood.

Other Common Symptoms
Besides the two kidney infection symptoms in women mentioned above, patients also experience nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and fever, which may be due to the accumulation of wastes in the blood.
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