Take Charge of Your Depression in Five Simple Steps

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Depression is one of the most common experiences in the United States today, but it doesn't have to be YOUR experience.
Yes, it's true that depression is 'biochemical', that it happens in your brain.
And yes, it's true that your brain processes change what you think and how you feel.
And your brain processes change what you do and how you choose.
But luckily, what you think and how you feel, what you do and how you choose, also change the way your brain works! And that gives you power.
You can manage, reduce, and even reverse your depression! Here are some points of power that have been proven by research to change how your brain works.
They rebuild healthy brain structure and healthy brain function.
And when you choose to do these things, you don't just change your brain.
You also change your experience.
You feel happier, more energetic, hopeful and free.
You sleep better, and you're more fun to be around! No, change won't happen overnight.
But when you use your power, when you tip the scales-the changes WILL happen! #1: Exercise I know.
You can't.
You don't have time, you don't have a place, you hurt too much, and you just aren't motivated.
Yep, that's depression talking! You can exercise at some level, and you gain power when you discover what that level is, and do it! The more you do, the more you can do, and your power grows.
Aerobic exercise causes a wash of healing biochemicals throughout your brain and body, and it's been shown to be as effective as an anti-depressant for many people.
And the biochemical changes from exercise help your brain re-build.
Exercise is one powerful way to change your brain.
#2: Thought Patterns Automatic negative thoughts-ANTS! They dig ruts in your brain, so your thoughts just automatically slide into the same old patterns-negative, self-critical, hopeless.
Stop! That doesn't get you where you want to go! Find your affirmations, statements of worth and meaning, purpose and love in your life.
Don't have any? Then write some-it will be hard, but energizing.
Nourish the little green shoots of love and acceptance that are struggling to grow.
As you do, you will develop your power, and build hope.
And at the same time, you'll develop the healthy brain you need to enjoy your life.
#3: Meditation When you meditate, you 'turn on' the well-being biochemicals in your brain, and let them wash away the damaging effects of stress biochemicals.
Then the well-being biochemicals go to work rebuilding, soothing, growing healthy new neurons in your brain-and rebuilding health throughout your whole body.
It's like washing out your brain, and then nourishing it with a rich biochemical chicken soup! Don't know how? Try one of the many resources you can find on the web, and check it out.
Meditation is a gift to enrich your life-mind and brain, body and soul.
#4: Touch In your heart, you know the power of touch.
Caring, gentle, loving.
What a wonderful way to change your brain! Yes, you can even pay for touch-with massage! Massage does change the biochemicals your body makes, and over time, it will begin to change your brain.
But you don't have to pay for touch.
Embrace your child, sit and rock-kids eat this up! Snuggle with your dog, pet your cat, hug a friend.
And do it every day, at least 5 times a day.
#5: Sleep techniques You may already sleep all day.
Or perhaps you CAN"T sleep at all! Either way, it's true-depression changes your sleep patterns.
But in this area, as in all the others, your choices also make changes, and you can make the choices that will get your sleep back on track.
Healthy sleep choices are clear and easy to follow-and there are resources here on the web.
You'll need to explore each of these areas, to learn more-changing your brain takes time and practice.
But you want to learn, and you believe there's help-that's why you're reading this article.
Keep it up.
You are changing your brain!
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