Why Anxiety and Panic Attacks Are Important For Survival

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There is a lot of information available about anxiety and panic attacks.
Most of it is about strategies for either coping with or getting rid of them.
However, there isn't a great deal of information available about why anxiety and panic attacks are important for survival or why they are an essential part of being human.
Panic attacks and anxiety are the instinctive capabilities that have kept us aware and safe for millions of years.
Our survival, evolution and success as a species relied quite heavily on these capabilities.
Man as prey Man has long been referred to as the hunter.
Actually this concept is very misleading when you look at it from an evolutionary stand point.
We did not survive millions of years ago by being loud, reckless, cocky animals.
We survived by discovering how to be restrained and very cautious in perilous environments.
When humans were in a world where most large animals considered us as a snack, the best way to survive was to remain inconspicuous.
You see, without anxiety and panic attacks we would not have carefully surveyed the area around us for danger and could very well have died out as a species.
How does panic help us? It's all about survival.
Once we have become aware that a certain predicament is dangerous, panicking makes the mind remember the event.
This isn't your normal type of remembering like recalling an address or phone number.
It's the kind that makes you feel good when you hear your favorite song or feel happy when you look at the family scrapbook.
This type of remembering is called unconscious pattern matching because it is controlled by the back part of your brain.
In the unconscious mind.
This enables you to react in a particular manner when your brain notices a certain situation or 'trigger'.
So the next time we happen upon a similar situation, our brain can give us the required anxiety or panic to prepare us to either scram or stay and fight.
And as far as survival goes, it's always preferable to err on the side of caution.
So if you experience a panic attack in a car, you could possibly feel a bit anxious the next time you are on a plane, bus or train because the predicament is moderately similar.
Panic attacks are good for you! The highest level of anxiety is frequently referred to as a panic attack or the 'fight or flight' response.
This is an amazing emergency response mechanism.
All those sensations, the increased blood flow, the adrenaline and so on, are intended to deliver you the best possibility to stay alive.
It actually puts your body in the ideal state of preparedness for either confronting your aggressor or high tailing it.
And that is why anxiety and panic are important for survival.
This legacy has left us with the capability to be scared, to survey our surroundings for danger and to panic.
However, it is all-important to see that this ability can become habitual and inappropriate.
Anxiety is a permanent capability that can sometimes get a little out of control, especially in today's challenging climate.
So how does all of this help us determine which treatments are right for our anxiety and panic attacks? It tells us that: 1.
These are natural responses that can potentially become habitual ones.
We have to consider the unconscious factors when treating these issues.
This can often appear to be an issue with body chemistry, but in the majority of cases, this is not true.
New skills and knowledge can train us to be composed in predicaments that previously invoked anxiety and panic episodes.
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